Thursday, February 28, 2013

WPA Part 5: Seasons/Adventures

I was awakened this beautiful last day of February 2013 by the memories of summer. The memory of green grass, and brightly colored flowers. Of running outside with no burden of shoes or extra layers of warmth to put on. How nice it will be to simply slip on my TOMS again, and not have to sit down and lace up my boots every time I want to go somewhere! To not be cold for have the hot feel of the sunrays all over my go to the ocean and actually be refreshed by cold water. Oh, summer, you're nearly here!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this full-on winter as best I can. Today and tomorrow are my days off. Today I went snowboarding and ice skating until my ankles hurt, and I plan to do that again tomorrow. Its blizzarding outside right now with some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen! Tomorrow will be a good day to ride! I can ice skate for free on the village pond here, and I try to do that as often as I can, since I enjoy it so much. I'm trying to practice and learn as much as I can. So that's really exciting for me.
Also I have been practicing watercolor, and slowly improving at that, I think.  I started a story this past summer, and have been trying to work on that as often as I can. I am very excited about where it is going, and I hope to finish it by this time next year. Hopefully by then I will have mastered watercolor as well, and will be able to illustrate it!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Money March! Because of how the weeks play out in March I will be getting 3 pay checks this month instead of 2! I'm sure this works out for most everyone out there who gets paid every other week. This will allow me to save a lil' more money for my next adventure!!

My next adventure will be to the UK! I'm so excited about this because I've never been to Europe. Andrew and I will be spending 3 weeks there in May. We fly into Edinburgh, Scotland and spend 3-4 days there before taking a train down to London where we will meet up with Andrew's parents and their friends. We will spend 3 days there before flying to Dublin with them. From there we will spend two weeks traveling all over southern and eastern Ireland by bus and train, seeing the sights! Its a short adventure, but I'm convinced it will be worth every dollar I'm saving!
After the UK adventure I will be moving back to California, getting a job, and gaining more skills :)
However, the ironic thing is is that I will not get to see spring in Colorado or California. Instead I will be spending my Spring in Scotland, England, and Ireland. :) eeeee!

Sometimes its hard to live in the moment here. Sometimes I don't really want to pursue relationships with people here, because I know I'll most likely never see them again after two months. I already love them, and being in closer relationship can only mean my heart will break even more when I have to leave. Sometimes I don't know what to do. I suppose Jesus would love with his whole heart, because he is not self-seeking. I'm the same way. I'm not here for myself. I cant be. I died, and am alive only in Christ. I cant forget that anything is possible in Christ Jesus, and in his amazing flawless love. If I remember that I cant give up on anything, and will give my whole heart to everything!

Just a heads up. I want to put together a fun/ministry trip within the next year and a half. It would look like road tripping to the South/Eastern states, and all through them, seeing the sights, and preaching the gospel as we go. We would go where ever God puts on our hearts, preaching continuously the gospel of Jesus Christ. :)