Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cost of the Kingdom

Through the rolling of pizza dough and the splatering on of tomato sauce, the celebration of a dear friend's life, and the running around of arrends and deliveries, there has been one thing that has been burning in my spirit. That would be bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. What does this mean? What does this look like? and how much are we going to give to see it happen? My Spirit crys out to see this happen. So much so that I have given every part of me to Jesus. Absolutly every area of me life is now his, because I realize that for the kingdom to come it can not be comrimised, and it can not be a hobby. A wild fire can burn miles in minuets, but a stone partition could stop it. Thats how its like in us. We cant put fences around areas of our lives, and just let the fire burn around it. We cant aford to sacrifice the beautiful kingdom of heaven for our own desires, reputaions, and compforts. We were made to bring the kingdom of Heaven to earth, and that requires a head-first dive into the river of reckless abandonment to the calling of the Holy Spirit. Ssshhhhh...listen. Its the heart beat of God! Its the rythem of Heaven! Listen, worhip, and adore. Now GO! DO what you were created to do! Along those lines this is a story I read in a blog my friends wrote:

We went to Walmart last night after homegroup, there were about 6 of us, and we decided to stop talking and go out and DO.
So we got there, split up into teams of two and went after pretty much everybody in the store. When we had gotten there the fire alarms had been going off, but Andrew Walsh commanded them to stop, and of course the second the words left his mouth, the alarms cut off in the middle of their noise :)
So we hit up pretty much every person. Didn't see too much happen, but a couple people got healed. Had a back healed, headaches disappeared, pain in the feet leave, etc.
We are tired of simply talking, and listening to people talk. We are ready to simply DO.