Friday, January 3, 2014

Bon Voyage!

                    "I am blessed because God gave me life."

These are the words I read in my letter from my nine year old sponsor child. I was floored. Everyday I have something else to complain about. I'm tiered, I don't enjoy my job, Its cold, its hot, I'm not eating healthy, I'm bored, and the list goes on. The bottom line I think I'm not blessed enough by what I'm given. And there was this little girl who barely has enough to live on, works when other kids play, and lives in dirty conditions in Haiti considered herself blessed to be alive.This hit my heart. I thought of all the people my age I have know that have died, and how many times I hear of someone dying from something other than old age. I thought about how fragile our bodies are. 1 bullet from a gun could end my life. So many people die from accidents. That's something they weren't intentionally doing. Shoot, I've had the flu before and felt like I was going to die. I'm healthy, but my body doesn't recover from work outs quite as quickly as it did 4 years ago. Our lives are so fragile! All that is keeping these bodies going is a heart. And yet I have one that works really good. How blessed am I to have life?!  With a life you can do something! You can make a difference in the world, and make a mark on eternity! You can learn new things, and experience new things! You can love and be loved. With a life you can do ANYTHING!

So 2014 is about me not taking advantage of my life, but taking it by the reins and riding it hard to see where it take me. The journey that we go on this year will take me to an awesome place, but its the journey I'm going to really enjoy. I will savor every moment, even the unexpected obstacles. and challenges.

One thing I want to do is have more faith for things. 2013 I had very little faith. I believed almost nothing would happen unless I (or someone) caused it to happen. I didn't look to God for help, or believed much in his ability to do anything until I was desperate, and even than...I had pretty shaky faith. That sickens me. Because the fact is that with God anything IS possible, and I believe to be an active(real) Christian you have to continuously be looking for opportunities for God to shine his glory and his goodness! I want to be on HIS TEAM! I want to see signs and wonders following me around because I believe for them! I don't want to see things the way that most everyone else sees things in my life. They see things and are afraid. They see things and see a dead end. I want to see things like Jesus! With Jesus, there is no dead ends! There is ALWAYS possibilities! Even problems become opportunities! From now on I'm choosing to see things like Jesus. And to anyone who knows me I ask you to PLEASE help me with that when you get a chance. 2013 the devil stole my joy. 2014 I'm taking it back! Its time to life to the fullest!