Sunday, April 28, 2013

WPA: Part 6 The Long Awaited End and a New Beginning

"I'm going to take you on the wildest adventure you've ever seen!"

These were the first words I heard this morning while still in that place between asleep and awake. I turned my head a little surprised to hear the voice of my father so clearly. The clearest I've heard it in months. Today I leave Winter Park, CO and go back to California and my very best friend. I already found an apartment to rent, and begun a job search.

My plane doesn't leave Denver airport until 9pm tonight, and the wait throughout this day is agonizing. I caught a ride with a friend who had a dentist appointment in Denver earlier today, and arrived at the airport 3hrs early. The plane couldn't arrive early enough...

In retrospect, This Winter Park Adventure was a very good experience for me. I learned soo much about work, customer service, and people. Because of this I gained much more confidence in myself and my abilities as a worker. I've gained more independence, and I've enjoyed the freedom that comes with having money. haha I met some great people, and got the privilege of loving them, and serving them all season. These are all the good things, but all in all it was very hard. It was hard to be away from Andrew, and all my family and friends. Most of the time I felt alone although surrounded by hundreds of people. It was hard to be in the cold and the snow for 6 full months. It was hard to be surrounded by people who's greatest love and priority was alcohol and weed. I was hard to work my job full time for 6mnths. It was hard to be stuck in an 8mile stretch of slight civilization for 6mths. I left once on a 5hr adventure with one of my managers. We went to Walmart and Qudoba about 1.5hrs away. That was such a big deal for me!! :D It was hard to hear the voice of God. It was hard to listen for it. Most of the time I was exhausted from working so much.

So although most of the time I can say I was rather unhappy, and would never choose to do this adventure again...I gained very valuable experience I'm not sure I would have gained anywhere else.

But with Papa about to take me on this new adventure...there is excitement in my bones! Who knows what is around the corner?? All I know that it will be full of good things, because God, He loves me, and he'll be with me. :) In fact its already started. The apartment I got is a 1bed, 1bath, 5room apartment in Santa Clara, CA for $500 a month including utilities. On top of that the landlord loves Jesus, and shes giving me a month of free rent. Also I got free airfare to Scotland, and Ireland, and will also be going to England. I leave with Andrew on Friday. We are very excited for this adventure, and look forward to see what sort of surprises he has for us there. These gifts we will use fully for him. :) We will follow his heart. :D

Let the new wild adventure begin!:D